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Wave (Bølgen) is a great production of Hollywood born dimensions, and become the first disaster movie that is made in Scandinavia. Based on the fact that mountain party Åkneset, located in the Geirangerfjord, one day will race out and create a violent tsunami of over 80 meters that will crush everything in its path before it hits land in Geiranger. A geologist gets caught in the middle of it and a race against against time begins.

Landslide scar still visible, seen from Tafjord village on 7 April 1934, a rockslide of about 2,000,000 cubic metres of rock fell off the Langhamaren mountain from a height of about 700 metres. The rock landed in the Tafjorden which created a local tsunami which killed 40 people living on the shore of the fjord. The waves reached a height of 62 metres near the landslide, about 7 metres at Sylte, and about 16 metres at Tafjord. It was one of the worst natural disasters in Norway in the 20th century.

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