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The Eagle´s Bend or Ørnevegen is the name of the steepest stretch of road that runs up the mountainside from Geiranger towards Eidsdal on route 63. The road twists and turns through 11 hairpin bends from Geirangerfjorden up to the highest point 620 meters above sea level at Korsmyra. The Eagle´s road was officially opened on 15 September 1955 and provided the village of Geiranger with a year-round road link. It became a tourist attraction from the very first day, and acquired its name because at the top it ran through an area traditionally associated with high numbers of eagles.

The name also suggests something wild and spectacular and, if you drive along this road, that is exactly what you will experience, especially if you stop at the Eagle´s bend, which is the uppermost hairpin bend. It is possible to park here and make the most of the huge view over Geiranger, Geirangerfjorden with its numerous cruise ships, the Seven Sisters waterfall (De syv søstrene waterfalls) and the mountain farm of Knivsflå.

Flydalsjuvet Gorge offers an impressive view and is a good spot for pictures of Geiranger and of Geirangerfjorden with its many cruise ships. Flydalsjuvet Gorge (Flydalsjuvet) is 320 meters. One of Norway´s most photographed viewpoints is "the picture" from the overhanging rock. From the top of an 80 meters deep gorge is the famous view back to Geirangerfjord and the cruiseships.

The Geirangerfjord is perhaps the world´s most famous fjord; whether or not it is the most beautiful is something you must decide for yourself. Tourists have been overwhelmed by the beauty of this region since the arrival of the first cruise ship in 1869. The village Hellesylt is the parish that features in the famous play "Brand" by Henrik Ibsen.

View of Preikestolen and De Syv Søstre waterfalls. Excellent spot for watching cruise ships entering the fjord. Skageflå is the most famous of the mountain farms. Moderately fit people can reach it on a good mountain path from Homlong. Attained fame when Queen Sonja and King Harald invited over 30 Royal guests to lunch in the farm courtyard when they celebrated their silver wedding in 1993.

Storseterfossen Waterfall where you can walk behind the falls. Walk for about 50 minutes on a good path from Vesterås farm. Suitable for all ages, but good foot wear is necessary.

Standing on the deck of the boat and feeling the spray of the water from the Seven Sisters (De syv søstre). These waterfalls is a unique experience. The tallest of these has a free fall of 250 meters. According to the legend, Friaren Waterfall wooed De Syv Søstre Waterfalls on the other side of the fjord. The fjord sightseeing cruise passes close to Friaren.

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