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First you´ll find out witch County you want to visit. Find out what kind of accommodation is available and then go localy and find out more about your pick.

Even simple accommodation such as hunting lodges and camping chalets are of high standard. First you´ll find the place to go, then book the accommodation of your choice.


Choose a cozy wooden hotel in the mountains, a spa hotel by the coast, or a modern design hotel, or a hotel close to the nature. Hotels in Norway come in all shapes and sizes – with something for most budgets. Stay in style, or spend a night at the Igloo Hotel in Alta, or the Snow hotel in Kirkenes (the hotels are carved up new every year). The Juvet Landscape Hotel in Norddal, is another option. The hotel, which is a collection of small wood and glass units using the gorgeous scenery as a unique backdrop, was the recipient of the 2011 Norwegian Tourism Award.

Booking a Hotel offers a wide selection of accommodation within Norway as well as "the best price guaranteed". You can book the accommodation directly on this site or by e-mail, post, fax or telephone. Practically everyone in Norway speaks English, and you will rarely encounter any difficulty. If travelling in the high season "approximately mid June to mid August", it is advisable to book in advance.


Norway has more than a thousand campsites, so you are bound to find somewhere to stay in the area you want. The sites are classified 1 - 5 stars, depending on the standard, facilities and activities available. There is no standard price and rates do vary somewhat. Normally, the fixed charge per plot is NOK 100 to NOK 350, with additional charges per person. Many campsites have cabins that can be booked in advance.

Most cabins have electricity and heating and note that you may need to bring bedding, enquire when making your booking. ´The cabins are classified 1 - 5 stars depending on size and standard.

Sanitary facilities for Motorhomes in Norway.

Please note that camping gas is not freely available in Norway. It is not permitted to pitch a tent or park a caravan closer than 150 metres from a house / chalet. Also please note that there are varying by-laws relating to Wild Camping. Remember, too, that it is forbidden to have an open fire in forests or on open land, between 15th April and 15th September.


The AA and RAC are affiliated to the AIT (Alliance Internationale de Tourisme), so their members get help in Norway from the NAF (Norges Automobilforbund) with journey planning as well as backup in case of breakdown or accident. NAF is the largest motoring organisation in Scandinavia. One of our prime objectives is to offer motorists good campsite accommodation, be in a tent, a caravan, a motor caravan or in a cabin. NAF CAMP is nationwide and based on the consumers requirments or availability, quality and service.


Norway has about 43 hostels offering a surprisingly high standard of accommodation - some hostels are comparable to simple hotels - at a reasonable price. This makes them ideal for young people and families on a budget. Indeed, the association there calls itself Norwegian Youth and Family Hostels.

Most have living rooms to relax in, and the bedrooms normally have two, four or six beds. Some bedrooms even have their own bathrooms. Many establishments serve hot food, and breakfast may be included in the price.

Others are self catering. All you need to take with you is a sheet sleeping bag, or you can hire one. The hostels are awarded one to three stars, and prices vary per night per person for Youth Hostel Association members, depending on category and type of room. Non-members pay a little more.


Called "hytte" in Norwegian, this type of accommodation is perfect for those who prefer to explore one part of the country thoroughly. Chalets come in various sizes, but normally house four to six people. The chalets always have the basic equipment, and furnishings range from the simply comfortable to the sumptuous, and prices vary accordingly.

If you want to spend just one night in a chalet and then move on, you can stay in one without prior reservation on a camp site - see our section on camping above.


In the Lofoten islands in northern Norway, you can rent a traditional former fisherman´s cabin, called a rorbu. The fishermen used to come to Lofoten from other parts of the coast for the winter cod fishing season from January to April, and would make these cabins their temporary homes for the duration. Most have been modernised, and a number of them have their own shower and toilet. Nowadays you will also find newly built fishermen´s cabins too.

Although most rorbu´s are in the Lofoten islands, you can rent these cabins all along the coast of Norway from north to south. What´s important is that the cabin is by the sea shore with excellentfishing! The local regional tourist boards will supply you with further information.


Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences at any price point, in more than 35,000 cities and 190 countries. And with world-class customer service and a growing community of users, Airbnb is the easiest way for people to monetize their extra space and showcase it to an audience of millions. When staying at an Airbnb, guests are 10-15 percent more likely to use public transportation, walk or bicycle as their primary mode of transportation than if they had stayed at a hotel.

You may find accommodation signs displayed along roads or directly outside houses (Rom or Husrom). In larger towns private rooms are priced from approximately from NOK 170 for a single to NOK 300 for a double.

Some accommodation is fully serviced - it is like having a 5 star hotel all on your own! They want to create a sacred, protected place where you can relax and enjoy the company of your family, your friends or business partners. There is no standard price but the price is high.


Norway is not a member state of the European Union. Norwegian farms are small by European standards, the average size of organic farms being about 13 hectares (including several very little herb farms), which is slightly larger than the average size of conventional Norwegian farms. Almost all farms are run as family farms.

Many farmers have built rental chalets or made old houses into atractive holiday homes. Others in the districts have invested in cultural experiences and different activities in both forest and field. The farms are often fully productive and anyone who wants to can experience daily life on a farm at close quarters. The standard and the prices of the various farmhouse holidays on offer vary a great deal. Please contact the tourist offices for details, or the national booking office for farm holidays on:


A facility dedicated to bodywork, wellness, and pampering. Origin of the word attributed to either Salus per Aquam (health through water) or from the town of Spa in Belgium. Also refers to a hot tub.

A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging, usually on a short-term basis. Hotels often provide a number of additional guest services such as a restaurant, a swimming pool or childcare. Some hotels have conference services and meeting rooms and encourage groups to hold conventions and meetings at their location.

A day spa is a business establishment which people visit for personal care treatments such as massages and facials. It is similar to a beauty salon in that is is only visited for the duration of the treatment. In contrast, a destination spa offers the same services in a hotel setting where people reside for one or more days.


A convention center, is an exhibition hall, or conference center, that holds conventions. A large, cavernous public building with enough open space to host public and private business and social events for the surrounding municipal and metropolitan areas.

Convention centers typically offer enough floor area to accommodate several thousand attendees. Convention centers rent space for meetings such as: corporate conferences, industry trade shows, formal dances entertainment spectacles and concerts. Large convention centers located in resort areas also host conventions that attract additional visitors to the municipality. It is not uncommon for large resort area hotels to include a convention center.




Earlier this year, we aquired the Rica Hotel chain, gaining approximately 60 new hotels at attractive locations in Norway. This autumn and winter 40 of the hotels are being re-branded to Scandic and the rest of the hotels will be ready during 2015. Whichever Scandic hotel you stay in, you need to know that you will get excellent quality and value for money.


Choice is the biggest hotelchain in the Nordic countries, divided into the Comfort, Quality, Quality Resort, Clarion Collection and Clarion brands. Which gives you something to choose from - as their name indicates. In Norway they have approximately 100 hotels spread over the whole country.

Choice Hotels are the first smokefree and ecological hotelchain in Scandinavia.


The chain is the largest in Norway´s major towns and cities, with among others 14 hotels in Oslo City Centre and five hotels in Bergen, Thon Hotels also has alpine hotels and hotels abroad. Thon Hotels has 66 hotels in Norway, and 4 hotels in Belgium and Holland. Choose between Thon Budget, Thon City and Thon Conference and Thon Resort.


Radisson Blu is a four star plus, club class hotel brand with key differentiators such as the 100% Guest Satisfaction Guarantee and the Yes I Can spirit of service. Rezidor Hospitality, one of the fastest growing hospitality companies in the world, has a portfolio of five brands.


The Historic Hotels & Restaurants is a unique membership organisation containing many of Norway´s most charming hotels and restaurants. The group consists of approx. 66 hotels and 25 restaurants which are members of the group.


First Hotels currently has 60 hotels in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. In Norway First have 11 hotels. A second home in that we recognize people and are personal and friendly, show consideration for individual wishes through responsiveness and different and creative.


Magic Hotels include 4 brand new design hotels, centrally located in Bergen. The characteristics of the hotels are vibrant, colorful, and modern. We focus on comfort, technology, and a dedicated team to give you an enhanced hotel and guest experience.

Our goal is to create a complete offer for guests in Bergen, which includes culture, food, nightlife and shopping. By offering guests more than a bed to sleep in, we will give the customer an experience beyond the usual.

We look forward to every guest and love to give the guest a little extra and make good, magical experiences.


Classic Norway tailors its accommodation to include everything from transport to activities and culinary experiences so that your employees and customers can obtain maximum benefits from their stay. We can quickly draw up a draft programme based on the number of people in your party and what you would like to achieve from your stay. This is something that we do quickly and free of charge.


Best Western is the only hotel chain in Norway where the member hotels can keep their individuality and personal touch. In Norway Best Western is represented by 30 hotels located around the country.


Park Inns are highly efficient, fresh and innovative, international mid market hotels. They focus on mastering the essentials of a great hotel experience within their class; having warm and casual service, being spotlessly clean, easy to use and safe.


In The Great Life Company, present you with establishments that truly offer the very best of Norway, they have let the seasons, the weather, the character of each location and your hosts decide what should make up the daily menu, the recreational activities, the list of events.


In a few years, Unike Hoteller has grown from being a dream to becoming a hotel success. The hotel group now consists of nine exclusive hotels in Norway. For us, details mean everything. We pride ourselves in the selection of fabrics, tableware, ingredients and unique composition of different concepts. Everything to provide the unique experience!


Norlandia Hotel Group AS has a portfolio of 27 hotels in Norway and Sweden. Norlandia focuses on hotel operations and development as well as launching new hotel products. Co-operating with well recognized brands, our goal is to create unique values for our hotels and business partners. Our portfolio of hotels operated by highly motivated and experienced industry leaders makes us a significant player in the Nordic hotel management segment.