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  Øvre Pasvik National Park

Bugøynes is a fishing village situated along the Varangerfjorden which is a vast bay off the Barents Sea (a part of the Arctic Ocean), near the border with Russia. The village is situated some 500 km north of the Arctic Circle, with nearly 230 inhabitants. The village is populated by many Finnish-speaking residents, leading to the village being referred to as Lille-Finland or Little Finland. There are also a children´s nursery, a school, a library branch, a dentist, and Bugøynes Chapel.

The Pleym Pier is a restored piers dating back to the 19th century with a museum exhibition showing old coastal culture. Open on request. The Lassi House (Lassigården), is a culture house dating back to the 1850s, now used as museum and public library branch. Ranvika Bird Sanctuary is the largest bird sanctuary in Sør-Varanger is situated about 90 minutes walk from Bugøynes. The footpath to the sanctuary is well marked.

The Norway King Crab is located at Bugøynes, they are now fishing and farming the red king crab, which can weigh up to 10 kilograms. Bugøynes is a center in Norway for commercial fishing of this delicacy.

The weather is a popular discussion topic in Finnmark - this is surely because we have so much of it! And in just a few hours the weather can change completely from peaceful sunshine to a violent snow storm. One of the Nordic countries main attractions is without a doubt the midnight sun, which is out in full from the 14 May to 29 July.

During clear winter nights, the Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis - transforms the skies into a colourful, over-dimensioned monitor, where energy-rich, electrically charged sun particles crash into the earth´s magnetic field approx.

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