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oskar sylte

Oskar Sylte Mineral Factory AS is a mineral water producer in Molde, founded in 1929. The company currently has 106 employees and had sales of 270 million in 2003, with a profit of 15.5 million. Oskar Sylte´s most famous product is "Soft drinks with pineapple flavor." Oskar Sylte (1907-1976) came to town as a youth, and established his own agency and commission business after being errand boy in various local company. He ran with fish, game and ice, had its own icehouse at Romsdalsmuseet and delivered fresh food to all tourist who arrived city. Oskar Sylte earned big money fish a year mackerel had failed in the south and 24 years old, he bought into machines for soda production in the old Meierigården in Molde.

Eventually he stopped with meat and fish, and could concentrate on soda production. In addition he had ølagentur for "Frydenlund Brewery" in Oslo. When Oskar Sylte had to choose between beer and soda production, he chose the soda. The bombing of Molde in 1940 also hit Sylte. After the reconstruction, he continued activities in Kirkebakken and built later a new factory premises in Vektergata. In the 1960s expanded Sylte market from "Romsdal" to the rest of Møre og Romsdal. Later, it was also established a large warehouse in Ålesund.

In 1973 moved Sylte the business from Molde into a new and large facilities at Årø, a distance outside the city. Some critics thought it was unrealistic and naive to build such a large facility but built subsequently extended several times and today is twice as large as it was in 1973. Favorable sugar contracts Steinar Sylte signed at the time when the building was erected, helped the business later. Just after the signing the sugar prices rice sharply.

In 1989 signed Sylte brothers a deal with Ringnes, each group a shareholder with a share of 44 percent. That meant that they retained control locally. Basically negotiated brothers with Hansa but Ringnes gave them a better deal. The development has been great from the beginning in 1929 to today´s modern factory and warehouse. After the war there were 16 mineral water factories in Møre and Romsdal. Today there are only Oskar Sylte left.

Oskar Sylte´s "flagship" is soda with "pineapple flavor". It is as old as business itself. Sylte is also part of the "Solo" history in Norway. Oskar Sylte was one of the founders of "Solo", which was introduced in 1934 and produced soda from day one. The product was marketed under the slogan "Syltes Solo først som tørst". Oskar Sylte is still co-owner of "Solo". Solo is owned by four breweries: Ringnes, Aass Bryggeri, Mack and Oskar Sylte Mineralvannsfabrikk.

Other popular products from Oskar Sylte is soda with "pear flavor", soda with "lemon flavor" and soda with "raspberry flavor". In the early 1960s Pepsi-Cola, which would have great significance for Sylte. Pepsi was a period replaced by arch rival Coca-Cola.

In the early 1970s went Steinar and Oskar Dag Sylte to London and signed an agreement with mineral water giant Schweppes. It has also been of great importance for business.

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