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  The coast of Helgeland

Dønnmannen, locally known as Dønnamannen, a 858 meter high hill on the island Dønna Helgeland. The top of Dønnamannen is also the highest point in Dønna municipality. The Norwegian Trekking Association has marked trails up to the top from both the inside and outside. From the inside, the trail is marked from the parking lot at Teigstad, from the outside is the path marked by Breivika and Hagen. The trail is steep, especially towards the end.

Dønnamannen gets its name because the mountain top has a profile that resembles the profile of a man lying on his back. Previously, the mountain also called Teigstadnavaren. Dønnamannen is well-known mountain is a popular attraction for those seeking something of a challenge in the mountains. There are marked trails from Breivika and Teigstad up to the summit.

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