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Sørøya is Norway´s fourth largest island, area-wise, and is shared by the municipalities of Hasvik and Hammerfest. Its total area is 811.4 km² and precisely located at 70.40° N. The island is divided between the two boroughs of Hasvik (the south-western region) and Hammerfest (in the north-east). Of the islands population, 93 % live in the borough of Hasvik, which comprises the three main villages of Hasvik in the south, Sørvær at the western tip and Breivikbotn within the Breivikfjord between the two villages.

Sørøya is often claimed to be "one of the most beautiful" of the islands in Norway. The island´s landscape is open and practically free of any trees. It has a beautiful landscape to hike in with many good fishing lakes. Sørøya is often called "The green isle of the North". The island is surrounded by the Norwegian Sea to the north and the Sørøysundet to the south. Across the Sørøysundet are three large islands: Stjernøya, Seiland and Kvaløya.

The island of Sørøya has no bridge or tunnel access, only a regular ferry route from Hasvik to Øksfjord on the mainland. Hasvik Airport is located on the southern tip of the island. The area is known as one of ;Europe´s best for seafishing.

The annual "Sørøydagene" (Sørøya Days) event takes place here each July. Sørøya is renowned for its big fish, and several world records for fish have been set here.

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