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Breivikbotn, located 17 km from Hasvik, has a population of approximately 300 and is the youngest village in the borough. Breivikbotn is the seat of administration that includes the Town Hall. As a result of its location within the bay of the Breivikfjord, the town is somewhat sheltered from the elements.

Breivikbotn is well visited by geologists, hunters, and is a popular place for photo hunting. Plenty of wildlife. The place is in the fall and winter, a good place to hunt extreme weather and the Northern Lights. There are buses to the village Hasvik, where you can go on to Hammerfest by air or fast, Or you can take the plane or ferry. Whether to Øsfjord where it is on road with the rest of the world, or fly to Hammerfest or Tromsø.

The Breivikfjord is nicknamed "Lofoten in miniature" because of its rich fishing grounds and resemblance to the fjords typical to the Lofoten area. The annual cod fishing season from the end of February until the beginning of May draws commercial fishing boats from near and far. The local fishing fleet is the major source of income.

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