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Hasvik is situated on the western side of Norway´s fourth largest island (other than Svalbard) Sørøya. Sørøya is Norway´s fourth-largest island and is located along the western Finnmark coast - more precisely at 70.40° N. The island is divided between the two boroughs of Hasvik (the south-western region) and Hammerfest (in the north-east). Of the islands population, 93 % live in the borough of Hasvik, which comprises the three main villages of Hasvik in the south, Sørvær at the western tip and Breivikbotn within the Breivikfjord between the two villages. Sørøya is often claimed to be one of the most beautiful of the islands in Norway.

With about 400 residents, Hasvik is the hub of Sørøya´s community. Most people are to be found in a string of settlements along the western coast: Breivikbotn and Hasvik being the main ones. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Breivikbotn. The population is in steady decline, due to the problems within the fishing industry.

Here you will find the airport with twice-daily flights between the mainland (once during weekends), linking Hammerfest and Tromsø with comfortable ease. There is also a daily car ferry connection to Øksfjord, as well as a speedboat connection between Hammerfest every Friday.

Hasvik Airport is served with regular connections to Tromsø and Hammerfest, and there is a two-hour ferry crossing to Øksfjord, providing access by car.

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