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Sørvær is approximately 40 km from Hasvik and has a population of about 200. Sørvær has throughout its history been a typical fishing village in which most of the population depend upon its maritime resources. Situated on three small barren islets, making agriculture virtually impossible, fishing has become the only source of income throughout the centuries.

In the sea off of the village of Sørvær lies the stranded Soviet cruiser Murmansk, which ran aground on Christmas Eve in 1994 after her towlines snapped off North Cape. She was on her way to India to be scrapped at the time. Several attempts has been made to pull her free, but failed. She has now become something of a tourist attraction. However, she is currently being scrapped, the work is planned to be finished by 2012. The Sørvær dialect varies from that spoken in Hasvik and Breivikbotn, since it has been significantly influenced by commercial fishermen from northern Troms, who came here to fish for spawning cod.

The Sørvær deep-sea fishing tournament is held each year and is part of "Sørøydagene", a summer festival each July. During this period, the small village is full of festivity!

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