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Rock Carvings at Ekeberg is a weighted carving from Stone Age located at Karlsborgveien below Kongeveien, south of Ekebergrestauranten.

The field is not large, about 15 m² in total. It is about 55 meters above sea level and consists of 13 characters. Nine of them imagines big deer, probably moose. Otherwise it is a bird figure, one highly stylized human and a figure that probably shows a trap for animals. The rock Carvings is the only of its kind in Oslo. The closest parallels are otherwise in Drammen and Lier.

In connection with the development of Ekebergparken (Ekeberg Park) it in recent years done extensive archaeological sample surveys in the area. They show that the rock carvings is centrally located in an area that has been very frequently visited in the earlt Stone Age. In the area north of shaking around Ekebergrestauranten it registered a dozen settlements from this period. And close up the rock carvings and further down the canyon walls along Karlsborgenveien it turns out that there is almost continuous settlements from Kongsveien and over one hundred meters further south.

The carvings were in 2011 drawn up with paint, and is now easily visible to visitors.

Incidentally, it found several fields up on the Ekeberg plateau. This is also a form of carvings, but they belong to agricultural carvings from the Bronze Age, and is thus far younger.

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