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 ORKLA Industrial Museum
 Løkken Verk

The Thamshavn Railway was constructed to carry cuperouspyrite ore from the Løkken Mines. When opened in 1908, it was Norway´s first electrical railway. At present Thamshavn Railway is the world´s oldest alternating- current-driven railway. From the beginning the Thamshavn Railway was carrying passengers, and the passenger trains continued moving until 1963, when the bus system took over. In 1974 when the Løkken mine production was reorganised, the pyrite-ore trains were also taken out of use. In 1982 a new era started in the railway history.

The Thamshavn Railway Friends Assosiation was formed, with the aim of restoring the railway and its equipment. The following year, on the day of the 75 years" anniversary of the railway opening, the first museum train started moving. Now you may travel by train between Løkken Verk and Fannrem in exactly the same carriages as in 1908.

You may also find the oldest equipment displayed at the Railway Museum at Løkken Station. Here you can see the world´s oldest alternating-current engine, and the "Kings Coatch", i.e. the only motorized saloon carriage in use. The Railway museum has also theme exhibitions showing the sabotage actions against the Thamshavn Railway during Second World War, and the story of the Thamshavn Railway founder, Minister Christian Thams.

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