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Hval Sjokoladefabrikk was founded February 26, 1996 as an ASA with about 30 shareholders and 5 employees. We got a turnover of 3 million in leased premises near the center of Sandefjord. "Hval" (whale) was chosen as the logo and brand name to have a local connection with the Sandefjord, while the figure was easy to make the marzipan and chocolate. In addition, the figure easy to use in marketing when we do not need to write letters.

Hval Sjokoladefabrikk has won numerous tests also blind tests on marzipan. The chocolate is the "Hval" that has most of the best ingredients that ia cocoa butter and not cheap fat options as we see that others are using. The most important thing is that you know the flavor, so you can decide for yourself. In 2007 established "Hval" 6 own stores under the name ”Sjokoladeriet” as we also have registered and protected against copying.

CandyKing is now our largest customer with about 50% of revenue.

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