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Rampestreken viewpoint provides a fantastic view over the valley and Åndalsnes. The locals love this hike, and they often do this for exercising to be rewarded with a magnificent, breathtaking view. Viewpoint Rampestreken is a fantastic experience. The lookout is 537 meters above sea level, and Åndalsnes is beneath your feet. Continue to the top of Nesaksla. The view is simply breathtaking!

Nesaksla at Åndalsnes and over the mountains to Isfjorden is a nice trip with fantastic view to the Romsdal alps, you actually have view to the coast from here. You start from Esso gas station close to the tunnel in Åndalsnes, steep up to the hut at Nesaksla (715 metres). Continue upwards to Mjelvaskaret (991 metres) or down to Vikåbotn before you walk down Høgnosa, over Steinselva river and follow the path down to Øvre Stølen and Furukollen. Then follow the forest road down to Isfjorden Soccer stadium. Instead of walking down Høgnåsa, you can follow the ridge from Mjølvafjellet to Blånebba. You must use rope and climbing gear at the steepest areas here. View down to Romsdal valley and Trollveggen, Romsdalshorn and Vengetind, Kirketaket and all the way to the coastline.

Nesaksla is probably the most popular mountain walk in the community and start right in the center of Åndalsnes. Nice walk with steady rise, which follows the Romsdal stairs up the steep side towards the top. From the top, there are great views of the Åndalsnes, Romsdalen and the bay.

Start at the parking lot during the Nebba Åndalsnes the city centre, and follow the new accessible ramp and trail up to Nebba. The walk up to Nebba using the Romsdal stairs up to the vantage point at Nebba. The new viewpoint Rampestreken is rapidly become one of the most popular trim trips in the area.

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