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Isfjorden is located 7 km from Åndalsnes. Isfjorden is a village in the innermost arm in the Romsdalsfjord. The place is surrounded by beautiful mountains, waiting for visit. Easy arrivals to the mountains; telemarkskiing, mountaineering and climbing. What about deersafari in Grøvdalen. On the fjord you can try sea kayaking or go out in the boat for fishing or crawfishing.>

Some of Norways most famous mountains nearby: Romsdalshorn, Trollveggen, Vengetind, Juratind, Kirketaket and Torshammaren are some of them. The fjord also invites to activities; sea kayaking, craw fishing and fishing trips in idyllic surroundings. There are also the rivers Isa and Glutra, very good rivers for fishing salmon and trout, they meet and ends in the fjord.

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