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 Steinsdalselva river

Osen is part of the Fosen region. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Steinsdalen. The Steinsdalselva river runs through the valley. Main industries are agriculture, fishing, sea farming. It is no exaggeration to say that the landscape around Osen is like a miniature Norway.

Osen´s unique coastal atmosphere is fascinating. It offers many activities related to coastal culture in exciting, picturesque surroundings. In Osen you will find, among other things at Nisneset a shore meadow with unique flora and at Buholmråsa, with its colony of kittiwakes and fantastic ocean scenery.

You can find peace and tranquility along with delightful fishing waters both coastal (at Steinsdalselva river) and freshwater. You can discover local culture and history when visiting the old Buholmråsa lighthouse or the old trading village at Vingsand where the play "Bjørnørspelet" was performed for the first time in the summer of 2001.

Osen is located to the north of Roan. The rest of the municipality is surrounded by Nord-Trøndelag to the north and east. The ocean lies to the west. Most of the residents live in the Steinsdalen valley or along the coast. The northern part of the municipality has no direct road connection to the rest of the municipality, but is connected to the municipality of Flatanger to the north.

The Kya lighthouse and Buholmråsa lighthouse lie in the ocean in the western part of the municipality. Halvikhallin Cave. Large cave, 80 metres wide, 100 metres deep. Guided tour by boat from Vingsand.

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