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Bleik is a fishing village located on the northwestern part of the island of Andøya, about 10 kilometres southwest of the town of Andenes. Bleik is the oldest village in Norway and the population is close to 500 people. Bleik offers some of the most known fishing environments nation wide. This includes both fresh water- and deep see fishing. Fishing license available at the local grocery store.

Hiking is a popular activity in Bleik, and we even got our own hiking organization. Hikers can enjoy numerous tracks in the mountains, lowlands and around the moraine. The Bleiksvatnet lake lies just south of the village. The triangle shaped island of the coast is "Bleiksøya". The island hosts about 150 thousand puffins, and a huge amount of eagles.

Bleik has the longest beach in Norway, and the beach is most likely the reason for the villages name. The beach is white, and "Bleik" is a word for white / pale in Norwegian. Bleikstranda beach is a popular white sandy beach stipe among families with children as well as kiters. The beach is approximately 3 km long.

Høyvika Beach has mountains on three sides, Staveheia, with highest peak Måtinden 397 meters above sea level. To the northwest is the open sea without some form of protection against the sea.

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