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The administrative centre of the Andøya municipality is the village of Andenes. Andøya consists of two islands, Andøya island and Hinnøya island. Hinnøya is Norway´s largest island while Andøya is the 10th largest island in the country. These two islands are connected to each other by Andøy Bridge (Andøybrua), which was completed in 1975.

The county comprises 655,9 km2, has 231 km of coastline, and has 356 lakes. The island of Andøya, by itself, has an area of 488 km2 of which approximately 218 km2 is unspoiled marshland between 0 and 25 meters above sea level. The world-famous Coastal Steamer (Hurtigruten) docks at Risøyhamn. Risøyhamn is a village on the island of Andøya municipality. The airport is located at Andenes.

The county´s highest mountain is Skrivartind on Hinnøya at 890 meters while Andøya´s highest mountain is Kvasstind at 705 meters. In Andenes lies Norway´s largest "gårdshaug", which is an area consisting of the ruins of several old farms located on hills. Tromsø Museum has many valuable archeological findings from this farm area, especially from the old church that was previously located on the premises.

Andøya is characterized by experts as a "geological textbook", with both the youngest and the oldest species of rocks. The northernmost point of Andøya was presumably ice– free during the last Ice Age. The moraine in Bleik (which is an accumulation of earth and stones carried and finally deposited by a glacier) is consequently the contry´s oldest moraine. The Ramså area is the only area on Norway´s mainland with rock formations from the Jurassic Period of the Mesozoic Era (120 – 150 million years old, the country´s youngest rock formations).

Three marshland areas in Andøya are nature reservations, the largest being located in Skogvoll and is 70 km2. The area is also of great international protective value because of its rich plant and bird life. Andøy is one of the country´s largest fishing counties, with fishing harbors at Andenes, Bleik and Nordmela. There is also a considerable amount of agriculture.

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