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Hinnøya is the fourth-largest island in Norway, and the largest off the mainland, covering an area of 2,204.7 square kilometres. The western part of the island is in the district of Vesterålen, the southwestern part is in Lofoten, the southeastern part is in Ofoten and the northeastern part is in Southern Troms.

Hinnøya is dissected by several fjords, and two very long ones, Gullesfjorden in the Northeast and Øksfjorden in the Southwest, almost sever the island; it is only 5 km between their respective heads. The island contains a mostly rugged and mountainous terrain, especially the southern part. The best agricultural area is in the northeast, in Harstad and Kvæfjord.

The southern part is the location of Møysalen National Park, which includes the highest mountain on the island, the 1,262 metres tall Møysalen. In the northwestern part of the island, near Forfjord, is a nature reserve containing a valley with forests and bogs, including the oldest pine trees in Norway, more than 700 years old.

Hinnøya is connected to the mainland by the Tjeldsund Bridge across the Tjeldsundet strait. To the west, it is connected to the island of Langøya by the Sortland Bridge, and to the northwest to the island of Andøya by the Andøy Bridge.

The Lofoten mainland connection was opened on 1 December 2007. It is part of the European Route E10 highway, and it connects Hinnøya to the Lofoten islands to the southwest. The highway runs near Møysalen National Park. There is also a ferry connection in the southeast between Lødingen and Bognes on the mainland, across the Vestfjorden.

The only town in Hinnøya is Harstad. Villages include Borkenes, Lødingen, Sigerfjord and Sørvik. The island is split between the municipalities of Harstad and Kvæfjord, as well as Andøy, Hadsel, Lødingen, Sortland, Tjeldsund and Vågan.

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