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Astruptunet was the home of the painter Nikolai Astrup (1880 - 1928), the last fourteen years of his life and you will find it exactely as it was when Astrup lived there. The Astrup Farm (Astruptunet) the artist´s home and small farm, today is a museum and art gallery, kept as it was in Astrup´s days, nestling among the steep but fertile slopes on the south side of Lake Jølstravatnet. The village of Skei is located at the northeastern end of the lake Jølstravatnet.

The barn was pulled down and rebuilt as a gallery, but in the same style as the old barn. The gallery has permanent exhibitions of Astrup"s work such as paintings, graphics, wood-engraving plates and sketches. Most of his scenes have been taken from Jølster and Nikolai Astrup has since remained one of the most Norwegian of our national artists. In the charming little cafe you may buy Norwegian specialties like home-made "lefse" and rømmegraut".

Nikolai Astrup lived most of his life in Jølster. Astrup often is regarded as the artist of Western Norway, as he found virtually all of his motives in his home surroundings. He´s considered the "most Norwegian" of all our national artists. Enjoying the magnificent view of the lake and surrounding mountains and countryside, you can also sense the characteristic atmosphere which Nikolai Astrup so masterly described in his works of art.

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