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 Gudbrandsdalen valley

Storgata, the main street in Lillehammer with its low wooden buildings, is a spectacle in its own right. The pavement cafes are popular stops for both tourists and locals. Lillehammer belongs to the so-called "planned cities", and on 7 August 1827, the Norwegian government founded the city by official decree.

The actual dividing up of the city into lots did not take place until 1828, however, and Road Inspector C. Buchholz´s plan and building bye-laws were adopted by Royal Resolution on 7 July 1828. The building bye-laws stipulated criteria for construction, as well as for the width of streets and sidewalks. Among the stipulations was a rule that the corner of buildings had to be "rounded" and at least about 10 feet wide. The result of this stipulation is easily visible in Lillehammer today.

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