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 Svartisen glacier

Myken is a group of islands and a fishing village Rødøy municipality in Nordland. The archipelago is located out on the coast, 32 km from the nearest mainland, and has approximately 20 permanent residents. Through local and government initiatives, resources have been made available for restoring and maintaining some of the oldest buildings, taking care of the Myken history. The old wooden houses and wharves contribute largely to the charm that makes Myken so special.

Summer is high season for a visit from a large number of holidaymakers. It is operated year-round grocery store on Myken, and local activities include a Arctic whisky distillery and a station of weatherobservatory. Bache-Gabrielsen buys liquor produced on Myken. The spirit is undertaking to France by boats.

Myken consists of about 40 small islands, islets and reefs. The largest islands are Sjurøya, Sandøya, Jutøya, Finnøya and Grytøya. The fishing village located on Sjurøya while Myken lighthouse (created in 1917) is located on Jutøya. Lighthouse rented to overnight guests.

Myken Lighthouse is a coastal lighthouse on the small island of Jutøya in the Myken island. It was established in 1918 and was automated in 1975. The 30,200 candela light sits on top of a 12.5 metre tall tower. The occulting light can be seen for up to 16.8 nautical miles. The light burns continuously from 1 August until 5 May each year. The light is not on during May through July due to the Lurøy and Vågaholmen.

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