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 Northern lights

Ringvassøya is a large island in Troms county, Norway. It is divided between the municipalities of Tromsø and Karlsøy. With an area of 656 square kilometres, Ringvassøy is the sixth largest island in mainland Norway. The island´s highest point, Soltindan, has a height of 1,051 metres above sea level, about 14 km southwest of the municipal center of Hansnes. Just to the north of the peak is the small glacial lake, Brevatnet.

The 10-kilometre long Skogsfjordvatnet is the largest lake on an island in Norway. Lake Skogsfjordvatn, in the centre of Ringvassøy, is a beautiful lake with good fishing, surrounded by lush, sub-Arctic forests. This is Norway´s largest lake in an island. The island of Vannøya has several picturesque villages, notably Burøysund and Torsvåg, the latter offering a wonderful view of the Atlantic from the lighthouse.

Hav og Fjell are located on the island of Ringvassøy, so if you are looking for sport fishing during summer and can’t live without top tour skiing in winter, it is the place for you.

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