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 Nausta river

Nausta river runs through the Naustdal valley to the southwest before emptying into the Førdefjorden at the village of Naustdal. The 36 kilometre long river drains a watershed area of about 276 square kilometres. The river begins at the lake Inste Langevatnet, which sits high up in the mountains at an elevation of 1.390 metres above sea level.

The Nausta is a small and medium-sized salmon river. From the old bridge across the Naustdalsfossen waterfall salmon may be observed climbing the falls. Fishing permits may be purchased at the local petrol station or from local landowners. In 2005, the river Nausta was ranked as the best in Sogn & Fjordane and number 19th nationally with a total catch of 4.698 kilograms.

Salmon travel 12 kilometres upstream from the river mouth. The stretch from the fjord to the Hovefoss waterfall is also good for sea trout fishing. The small Redal water system contains small salmon, sea trout, trout and char. Small salmon and sea trout are best caught during floods.

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