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 Jan Petter Bratsberg

Jan Petter Bratsberg born in Skien is a Norwegian figurative painter. He has had solo exhibitions in Scandinavia and in the US, and is considered one of Norway´s foremost painters of nature and animals. He is often compared to August Cappelen, but unlike Cappelen and Düsseldorfers wide view is Bratsberg keen to convey the deep forests distinctive mood and mystery and animals that live there.

Of his most famous works are lynx and fox (1969-1970). Lynx, the reef and the big birds of prey, and Wolf and bears that was totally protected in 1973, is among the favorite subjects of Bratsberg. Bratsberg are keen to preserve the original nature, has painted several pictures where human encroachment on virgin forests are central.

Bratsberg educated at the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry (1969-1973). Bratsberg debuted in 1998 as the author of the book Close to nature. He then wrote the book artist Nature which came out in 2002. For this book he Emmaus Price in 2003, under the category "The best this book for adults."

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