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 Herman Wildenvey

The poet Herman Wildenvey lived the first three years of his life in Mjøndalen. Herman Wildenvey was born 20th July 1885 and died 27th September 1959. At three years of age, he was moved to the Portåsen farm on the edge of the forest above the village. Today Portåsen is a meeting place and venue for local, regional and national artists. The site includes a newly renovated farmhouse and farm buildings. Stiftelsen Portåsen is the organization which works on the development of Portåsen. Herman Wildenvey was married to Gisken, born Andreassen, in February 1912. The couple settled in the coastal town of Stavern in 1923 and this was their home for the rest of their lives.

In 1955 Herman Wildenvey was honoured with the "Order of Saint Olav" in merit of his writing. This was the last order handed by the late King Haakon 7, before he became ill and died the same year. This is the highest order any Norwegian can receive and only a few does. You can follow marked quiet forest trails leading through the childhood paradise of Herman Wildenvey, and find old air drop areas from the war or explor ancient mining galleries. Herman Wildenvey spent many years of his life in, and to day seminars about this well loved poet, as well as poetry readings, are arranged.

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