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 Northern lights

Hornøya is a small, uninhabited island in Vardø and lies in the Barents Sea, just east of the larger island of Vardøya where the town of Vardø is located. Ecotourism is growing in Vardø, thanks to the nearby island of Hornøya´s bird colony.

Vardø Lighthouse is the only man-made object on the island. The lighthouse sits at the highest point of the island, at an elevation of 64 metres above sea level, and it protects the shipping lanes around the Vardø. The island is the easternmost point of Norway proper.

In the summer of 2012, Vardø hosted the urban art event Komafest, where 12 international artists painted tens of the town´s abandoned houses in a three-week period. The event was curated by noted Norwegian urban artist "Pøbel". Because of the population decline, Vardø was left with many empty buildings in various stages of disrepair. "Pøbel" wanted to organize a larger scale continuation of the "Getto spedalsk" project, where he and collaborator "Dolk" painted abandoned buildings in at the Lofoten islands.

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