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Skjerstadfjorden is a 40-kilometre long arm off of the main Saltfjorden. It is connected to the Saltfjorden by the narrow Saltstraumen strait which has very strong tidal currents. Some of the larger villages around the fjord include Valnesfjord, Fauske, and Rognan. Skjerstadfjorden is a fjord in Bodø, Fauske and Saltdal.

A northern arm of Skjerstadfjord is Valnesfjord and a southern arm is Misværfjord. Along the north side runs Rv. 80 and Nordlandsbanen railway line.

Arctic Seasport has an ideal location for sea fishing. The camp is located in scenic surroundings at Naurstad, about 24 km. from Bodø. The oxygen-rich waters are a plethora of species of fish, plants and other sea creatures. Halibut (110 kg), Saithe (23 kg) and cod (26,4 kg) are the most common types of fish, but you can also get trout, salmon, herring, catfish, haddock and redfish.

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