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 Svartisen glacier

Meløy is a part of the Salten traditional region. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Ørnes. Other villages include Eidbukta, Neverdal, Glomfjord, Halsa, Reipå, and Ågskardet.

The municipality is situated just to the north of the Arctic Circle on Norway´s west coast. It encompasses the island of Meløya and some 700 other islands of various sizes around the Meløyfjorden, Glomfjorden, and Holandsfjorden in the south, along with a stretch of mainland coast.

Meløy is a coastal community that includes many of the surrounding islands. Some of the main islands of Meløy are Meløya, Bolga, Mesøya, Støtt, and Åmnøya. Åmnøya is connected to the mainland via the Brattsund Bridge. The other islands are all accessible by boat or ferry only. The Kalsholmen Lighthouse is located in the southwestern part of the municipality.

The Vestfjorden passes Meløy in the northwest, and the Meløyfjorden, Glomfjorden, and Holandsfjorden cut into the mainland from the west. The Saltfjellet - Svartisen National Park is located in the southeast in the Saltfjellet mountain range, surrounding the Svartisen glacier.

The industrial development was based on electrical power production in then new Glomfjord power plant from water coming from the Svartisen glacier and the lake Storglomvatnet and gathered in the mountains. In the bottom of Glomfjorden, Norsk Hydro (today YARA) started out producing fertilizers in Glomfjord. A conglomerate of industries is found there today in Glomfjord Industry Park. The municipality´s overall industries are some light industry, agriculture, forestry, fishing, salmon production, and tourism.

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