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Central on Granavollen is Sister Churches from the 1100s, with Nikolai Church and St. Mary´s Church. Granavollen was a meeting place for pilgrims to Nidaros and pilgrim goes over the rail. But it was also a resting place for travelers to Bergen, which used the Bergen royal road that just here crosses the pilgrim. Road to Bergen was also called the King´s Road, which from the south comes from Differences in Oslo and going over Krokskogen and via Lunner church and over Granåsen.

Granavollen also consists of Steinhuset, a medieval building just off Gran rectory. Vicarage gardens at Stone House is an old landscaped garden of approx 6 goals with lots of different plants, many of them do not grow naturally in Norway.

Granavolden Guesthouse is a more than 300 year old guest house that sheriff Gregers Granavollen received approval by the Danish-Norwegian king to power after he along with a group of farmers stayed outnumber Swedish dragon decontamination a full day on Harestuskogen in 1716. How did the Norwegian army time to regroup and Swedes went in an ambush in Ringerike.

Granavollen also consists of farm Sjo, where Aasmund Olafson Vinje died. He is buried in the cemetery nearby. The old municipality building in Gran and Sanne school is also here.

Several hotels and guesthouses situated near the Sister Churches, as Hotel Hadeland, Sanner hotel and Ringvold guesthouse

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