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Hadeland Glassworks, steeped in history, art, culture and old handcraft traditions, is one of Norway´s most popular tourist attractions. The skills of glass-blowing have been carefully nurtured over the past 234 years producing a unique attribute in Norwegian cultural history. You can watch some of Norway´s best glassblowers at work. You can even try blowing your own glass. Nowhere else in Norway, or perhaps in the world, can you find a company with handcraft traditions going back so far in time.

Situated in beautiful surroundings, Hadeland Glassworks is a centre with a difference offering many exciting activities. Witness traditions living on in these exciting, artistic handcrafts. You too can try glass-blowing under the watchful eyes of our creative artisans. Fall under the spell of designer glass sparkling like precious stones. Enjoy the beauty of the glass. Visit our impressive museum and follow the history of glass down through the years. Browse round our gift shops and let your dreams come true. The craftman´s steady hand creates the most beautiful engravings. The bees buzzing busily around our Honey House give you a taste of summer.

A visit to Hadeland Glassworks is an experience for both young and old. The warmth and interaction between animals and children in the Children´s House - sparkling eyes, small, busy, creative hands. At Hadeland Glassverk we take good care of our national values. Children´s House, blow their own glass. Visit the Bee-House and fill your own-blown pot with sweet honey. Renew your strength by tasting the delicacies prepared in our restaurant and bakery. Gaze into the crystal ball - enter a world of light and warmth. Admire the rich handcrafts, age-old traditions and exciting wonders.

Why not visit our candle workshop where you can dye your own candles. Treat yourself to home-baked delights in our lovely old Bakery. Enjoy dinner in the "Old Barn" restaurant.

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