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 The Costal Route

The Atlantic Ocean Road is a unique road connection between the municipalities Averøy and Eide.

Svevestien walking path and the very special service house built on Eldhusøya is a project at the interface between building and art. The elevated walking path at Eldhusøya island is a round trip that everybody can manage, and it open every day, all year. Eldhusøya is an islet in Averøy and is nearby to Storlauvøya, Klauvsundtangen and Lauvøya. Eldhusøya is also close to Grisen, Geitøya and Geitøybrua.

Eldhusøya is the largest rest area along the Atlantic Road, is located on a scenic spot at the ocean´s edge. Parts of the island are wet marshland and hence vulnerable to pedestrian traffic. The walkway is made of latticework floating above the terrain, secured on poles. In addition to the suspended walkway, there is also a service building enclosing a cafeteria, information stand and facilities.

The Atlantic Ocean Road takes you over 8 brigdes from islet to islet out to the very point where the land ends and the ocean begins. The name of the bridges are Vevangstraumen Bridge (119 metres), Hulvågen Bridges (3 bridges - 293 metres), Storseisundet Bridge (260 metres), Geitøysundet Bridge (52 metres), Store Lauvøysund Bridge (52 metres) and Lille Lauvøysund Bridge (115 metres).

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