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 Rolf Graf

Rolf Graf (deceased 1 July 2013 in Oslo) was a Norwegian singer, bass guitarist, composer and record producer, and the younger brother of keyboardist Haakon Graf and the jazz singer Randi Elisabeth Graf. He is best known as the bassist in the band Lava, but was also recognized as music producer, musician and songwriter for other artists like Randy Crawford, Mezzoforte and Sissel Kyrkjebø. He also released three solo albums.

As a producer worked Graf with several other musicians, including Randy Crawford (USA), Mezzoforte (Iceland), The Ancestors (USA), Tindrum, Aina Olsen, Trine Rein, Jan Werner Danielsen, Torhild Nigar and "Floweryard". He also created music for the movies Frida – med hjertet i hånden, Petra og kuule småkryp by Torhild Nigar and Brødrene Dal Og Vikingsverdets Forbannelse. In 1996 he produced the album "I evighet" by Elisabeth Andreassen, who received second place in the international Melodi Grand Prix final in Oslo Spektrum.

Late 1980s Graf started a trio with Egil Eldøen and Olav Stedje. Musically, this was a continuation of the acoustic, country rock, inspired by Eagles and Crosby, Stills & Nash. The trio was disbanded before they managed to make a record together. In the early 1990s he was oriented towards Latin music within the trio "Some Like It Hot" including Lakki Patey (band leader) and Sergio Gonzales (reunited in 2004).

Graf was invited to participate as a composer in Melodi Grand Prix 1983, and delivered the song "Melodi" performed by Olav Stedje as number four. In Melodi Grand Prix 1985 he performed his self-composed song, "II & II". Best known from this time were the ballad "Shine", performed together with Egil Eldøen and the Swedish singer Frank Ådahl. The song was the highlight of Grafs debut solo album, The Boy Next Door. The album was released in 13 countries, and Graf appeared on television in England and Denmark.

Lava is a Norwegian jazz-rock band, known from a series of recordings in the 1980s (Polydor Records). Lava also collaborated with guest artists like Randy Crawford.

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