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 Ute til lunch
 Lars Kilevold
 Torstein Bieler

Lars Kilevold is a Norwegian musician from Fredrikstad. He is well known for having written and published songs "Livet er for kjipt," "Ute til lunsj" and "Respekt for Grandiosa". The 1980s were Kilevold part of the musical project Ute til lunch.

Kilevold was also with the rock band Sons of Angels.

In 2006 made Kilevold one jingle for Stabburet pizza. The song was made available for free on the Internet and downloaded by over half a million people. Later that year he produced together with Martin Aune (commercial duo "Whistle and Hum") song "Charmer Tvåa" to a commercial for the supermarket.

Kilevold has also written the lyrics to Anita contributions, Karma, in the Norwegian Eurovision finals in 1985. Kilevold created music for children´s film Karsten og Petras wondrous July 2014.

Torstein Bieler Østtveit born in Oslo, working as a musician / songwriter, film director and event producer. He has been with the advertising industry for 25 years. In the 80s he was responsible for the project "Ute til lunch" together with Lars Kilevold. They later went to the USA with the band Sons of Angels. He and Kilevold played there in a funky metal album that was released in 20 countries. It sold 150,000 items only in the United States. They toured in 1990 and 1991 with this band in the US and Europe.

Torstein has written songs for including Randy Crawford, Simply Red, Mia Fredriksson and Sanne Salomonsen. Bieler Østtveit produced CD "Griegs vakreste", which is one of the best-selling classical CD releases. Along with Lage Fosheim he started in 1993 one of the first professional event company.

He was co-host and accounted for the session in three James Bond premiere galas in Oslo 90s. For many years he has been a regular event provider Telenor Mobil and United International Pictures.

Torstein Bieler has published two novels. "Mannen som gikk på jorden" was released along with Lage Fosheim and Ketil Bjørnstad. It has been translated into three languages. In 2007 he published in collaboration with Schibsted publishing the book in 1812 - Napoleon´s Russian tragedy.

He studied film in the mid 90s. Norwegian Film Institute launched in 2005 a DVD with 5 of his short films. Several of these have received a number of international film awards. Torstein made script and direction of 4 documentary films, including about Camille Claudel unhappy love of Auguste Rodin (2006). This was recorded in Paris.

He wrote the moviescript for film producer John M. Jacobsen to "Lillelord" by Johan Borgen and "Victoria" by Knut Hamsun. He has driven production company 24hours Production since 1996. He has been responsible for countless commercials and music videos. He has also worked as commercial director Hans Petter Moland.

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