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Sjåstad and Oddevall are regarded as one community in the village ofLier municipality. The two villages have a combined population of approximately 600. Sjåstad Church (Sjåstad Kirke) was dedicated during 1896. It is constructed of stone and has a seating capacity of 370.

Lier is thought of as a "green lung" for Norway´s capital, Oslo, with its vast number of fields and apple trees. Lier is also famous for its agricultural products as strawberries and vegetables. Lier includes the villages of Lierbyen, Sylling, Sjåstad, Nøste, Gullaug, Lierskogen, and Tranby. The administrative centre of Lier municipality is the village of Lierbyen.

Norway´s longest indoor shopping center, Liertoppen, is located in Lierskogen.

Lier borders to the municipalities of Asker and Bærum and Drammen, Modum, Nedre Eiker, Røyken and Hole.

The Gilhusodden Nature Preserve is home of many different bird species. The area is also used for recreation, especially swimming and sunbathing, with its long, shallow beach.

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