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 Kjell Erik Larsen

Triztán Vindtorn (Kjell Erik Larsen) was a Norwegian poet and performance artist from Drammen. He made his literary debut with the poetry collection Sentrifuge in 1970. His latest collections were "I can hear your hand sing" (Jeg kan høre din hånd synge), and "Circus for invisible elephants" (Sirkus for usynlige elefanter).

Kjell Erik Larsen´s parents were cabinetmaker Asle Larsen and Åse Hafnor Kristiansen. He was married twice, first to Mona Kari Svendsrud and later to Britt Undis Knudsen. He changed his last name to Vindtorn, and signed his first books Kjell Erik Vindtorn. In 1999 he changed his first name to Triztán, after the name of a favorite pub at Ibiza, where he lived periodically.

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