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The road which winds through 27 bends from Lysebotn to the mountain - engineering at its best. Lovely views over Lysebotn and the fjord. Near the top is the Eagle´s nest Øygardsstøl - a cafe and rest area where you can buy food and drink and also park your car if you would like to take the 5-6 hour hike to Kjerag and back. Good shoes and physical health are advised

Innermost in the magnificent Lysefjord lies the village of Lysebotn, the perfect base for exploring the fjord and nearby mountains. Lysebotn power station, experience at close hand how Lysefjord´s waterfalls are turned into electrical energy.

The rock of Preikestolen, located above a vertical drop of 600 meters, can be seen from the fjord, but is more impressive from above.

At the end of the fjord lies the Kjerag mountain, a popular hiking destination with even more spectacular drops. Kjeragbolten is a boulder located on the mountain Kjerag. The rock itself is a glacial deposit wedged in the mountain´s crevasse. It is a popular tourist destination and is accessible without any climbing equipment. However, it is suspended above a 984 metre deep abyss. It is also a popular site for BASE jumping. The boulder is located just southwest of the village of Lysebotn, just south of the Lysefjorden.

The famous, 40 km long Lysefjord, surrounded by impressive mountains carved out during the Ice Age is the dominant feature. Ferries and sightseeing boats call on many of the exiting towns and villages along the fjord. Lysefjord is an extremely popular tourist attraction and day trip from nearby Stavanger, from where cruise ships travel the full distance of the fjord. As well as the extraordinary scenery of the fjord itself, two points along its length are popular side trips.

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