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 Pulpit Rock

The Sword in Stone at Møllebukta (“Sverd i fjell”) monument at Hafrsfjord is a powerful memorial of the decisive battle that took place here in the year of 872, when King Harald Hårfagre made Norway one kingdom. The battle itself was, according to Snorre, fought at Ytreberget. There is a strange tranquillity at the monument here and a tangible aura of history. The church ruins at Sola, and the stone crosses at Tjora are also monuments to the Viking age.


Solastranden, Ølberg, Vigdel, Hellestø, Borestranda, Orre, Brusand and Revtangen beaches. As exotic as the Riviera, although usually a bit colder, but marvellous during calm or stormy weather. Sunbathing, swimming, wind surfing, wave surfing and miles and miles of white sandy beaches.

Author and poet Arne Garborg grew up in the traditional lowland landscape of Jæren, and in several of his works he describes the landscape and its inhabitants around the turn of the 19th century.

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