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 Sognefjord Aquarium

Hyefjorden lies with inlet opening to Nordfjorden north, fjord south. Hyefjorden is narrow, with tall, steep mountains plunge straight into the fjord. The western side of the bay is virtually impassable, and up on plateaus on this page is Ålfotbreen, which forms the border with Bremanger. Outermost on the west side are four small farms, dependent on boat transport, with Skjerdal as the largest and only inhabited all year round farm. It is a narrow valley sørsørvest from Skjerdal, under Ålfotbreen.

On the east side of Hyefjorden are the mountains that separates Hyen from the rest of the municipality. By fjord located village center Hyen, with boatyard Brothers Aa. Hyen school has a combined primary and secondary school, and hyena stadium is located here, as well as accommodation Columbus Center and Vågen Motel and Camping.

Both Vestredalen and Austredalen valleys in Hyen has many mountain farms, and are popular cottage areas for hiking, hunting and fishing enthusiasts. Relatively large mountain areas are linked to Hyen and there are several good fishing lakes in the area.

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