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Lyngseidet is the administrative centre of the municipality. The village is located on an isthmus that is about 3 km wide between an arm of the Ullsfjorden and the Lyngenfjorden. The village is home to a grocery store, Lyngen Church, nursing home, schools, daycare, and library. The plastic Santa Claus named Gollis is also located here. Lyngseidet is located 15 km north of the village of Furuflaten and 12 km by ferry from Olderdalen, in Kåfjord.

Lyngen is an Arctic Eldorado, with the Lyngenfjord to the east and Ullsfjord to the west. There is some of the most mountainous landscape in Norway. The Lyngen peninsula is a very scenic and mountainous area, known as the Lyngen Alps. The highest peak is Jiehkkevárri, reaching 1,833 metres. Another prominent mountain is Store Lenangstind. The Lyngen Alps are presently being discovered by off-piste skiers from around the world.

Nord-Lenangen faces the open sea, and is largely a fishing village. The inhabitants are a unique blend of cultures, with Norwegian, Finnish and Sami background. In Lyngen, the activities available range from fjord fishing and fresh water angling to hiking in wonderful hills and valleys, glacier walking and mountaineering.

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