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 The Whale Route

On the southern side of the fjord lies Kvænbukta furthest east of the fjord, and a little further north lies Gjeska. Sifjorden continues to the northeast, where the village Sifjord is located on the north side of the fjord almost all the way in the fjord. Kaperelva is a river on the eastern side of Kaperskaret. From here it flows towards the southeast through the Kaperdalen and passes through several smaller lakes, of which Kapervatnet is the largest.

Below Kapervatnet form the river Kaperfossen and turn east. About two kilometers west-southwest of Svanelvmoen it flows alongside Svanelva, which comes from the north, forming Lakselva.

Sifjorden is 10 kilometers long. It begins between Varden in the north and Blåstranda in the south, where the fjord is about 4.5 kilometers wide. From here it goes east to Sifjordbotn. Just next to Varden the fjord arm goes Veidmannsfjord eastwards to Veidmannsbotn. The fjord has an inlet on the south side between Varden in the west and Stonga in the east.

Kaldfarnes is on the northwest side of the fjord and a little further east lies the Elvejorda. Veidmannsbotn stretches from the bottom of the fjord and slightly beyond the north side. On the south side there is also the Veidmann and Veidmannsfjellet mountain (508 moh).

Fv232 goes along the north side of the fjord, while Fv243 goes along the eastern side.

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