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 Salmon rivers

Stokkøya is an island in the municipality and the largest village on the island is Harsvika. Kamman mountain (225 metres) is the highest point on the island. Stokkøya is connected to the mainland by the Stokkøy Bridge between Harsvika and Revsnes on the mainland. The Linesøy Bridge is being built connecting Stokkøya to the island of Linesøya to the southwest.

The smaller island of Lauvøya lies about 10 kilometres to the south. A view of the shipping lane. There are many wrecks and clefts to explore. Tank refill. Diving boat available. Wind surfing at Stokkøya and Linesøya. Fine sandy beaches. At Stokkøya you will also find the Åfjord boat.

Åfjord also has two major salmon rivers: the Nordalselva and Stordalselva, which flow into Åfjorden. English Lords used to fish here in the late 19th century. The lake Stordalsvatnet lies just east of Årnes.

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