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Åfjord muncipality is part of the Fosen region. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Årnes. Main industries are Agriculture, fishing, sea farming. Åfjord is known for its salmon fishing and for the Åfjord boat. High mountains, lush wide valleys and two rivers rich in Salmon make Åfjord a place to be for nature lovers and fishermen. Åfjord is located on the northwestern side of the Fosen Peninsula, northwest of county capital of Trondheim between the municipalities of Bjugn and Osen and to the west of Verran.

Nordal River and Stordal River are among the country´s best salmon rivers. There is also a variety of cultural activities and events during the summer. Fredmoen Salmon Lodge, Gilde Mountain Farm and Harbak are just a few of the places to visit. Åfjord consists of many small settlements—from the islands in the west to the highlands in the east. Traditionally, Åfjord has been an agricultural society, while Stoksund in the west has had a more of a fishing-based economy. There is an increasing amount of weekend houses and recreational cabins in the area.

Åfjord has two big islands; Stokkøya and Linesøya. Stokkøya is connected with the mainland through a bridge Stokkøy Bridge and Linesøy Bridge between Stokkøya and Linesøya. The other main island is Lauvøya near the south at the end of the Åfjorden. The highest point in Åfjord is Finnvollheia mountain (676 metres). There are over 1,000 lakes with fish. Åfjord also has two major salmon rivers—the Nordalselva and Stordalselva, which flow into Åfjorden. English Lords used to fish here in the late 19th century. The lake Stordalsvatnet lies just east of Årnes.

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