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 The Pulpit Rock

The phallic shape stone Trollpikken lies between Kjervall and Veshovda in Egersund.

To get to Trollpikken you can as a guest at Grand Hotel Egersund rent a bicycle or you can drive the car to Sletteid and park. Go up Kjervallsbakken and in the middle of Kjervallsbakken goes "Opplev Dalane" to your right. Turn here. After the first stream keep hold to the left. When you see the lake follow the valley. Now you can see Trollpikken. The trip take ca. 20 - 25 minutes.

Another way is to start your trip at Vannbassengan and follow the path "Opplev Dalane" against Kjervall. Turn right before Kjervallsbakken and follow the same route.

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