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 Salmon river Namsen

The dairy farmer Torger Haugen from Overhalla is a neighbor to both Salmon river Namsen and Bertnem Bridge on Namsosbanen, where passenger traffic ceased in 1978 and last freight trains passed once in 2005.

Namsen Salmon & Train Experience

Three unloaded carriages that had been privately owned in Snåsa were acquired, and in Falun, Haugen found an old Norwegian sleeper carriage that had been owned by the Gunde Swan. The carriage was bought expelled and transported 80 miles to Overhalla by car.

In this wagon there are 10 sleeping quarters and 20 beds. The other carriages are converted to a restaurant, bar / utility room and sanitary wagon. At the same time, Bertnem Bridge is well controlled and reinforced, and 450 square meters of terraced floors have been added around the unique hotel.

Namsen is the biggest river in Nord-Trøndelag. The 228 kilometre long river flows through the municipalities of Røyrvik, Namsskogan, Grong, Overhalla and Namsos. It traditionally has been used for floating timber down from the forests to the town of Namsos, where the sawmills were located. Today parts of the Namsen are regulated by several dams.

The Namsen is considered one of the best Atlantic Salmon fishing rivers in the world, and is often called the "Queen of Rivers". Beginning in the 19th century, the British found the Atlantic salmon fishing to be excellent here, and the river became a major tourist attraction. Catches above 23 kilograms are not unusual.

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