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 Dried Cod Capital
 Dried cod

Historically, Kristiansund is the dried cod capital of Norway, and you cannot leave town without tasting "Bacalao" at one of the town´s fish restaurants. Kristiansund is a city and municipality on the western coast. The administrative center of the municipality is the city of Kristiansund. Other settlements in the municipality include the villages of Kvalvåg, Rensvik, and Nedre Frei.

Kristiansund is built on four main islands, with many smaller islands. The island of Nordlandet ("North Land", humorously nicknamed Marokko), is the second largest island and the site of the local airport, Kristiansund Airport, Kvernberget. The smallest island is Innlandet (humorously, "Tahiti"). The largest island in the municipality is Frei which was part of the old Frei Municipality which was merged into Kristiansund on 1 January 2008. The highest point of the municipality is located on Frei island, Freikollen at a height of 629 metres.

The island of Grip, located northwest of Kristiansund is also a part of the municipality. It was Norway´s smallest municipality, and also one of the most remote until it merged with Kristiansund in 1964. Today the island of Grip holds status as a deserted fishing village, but in the summer season it is a popular tourist attraction due to the very special location and architecture. Grip Stave Church, the second smallest stave church of Norway (Undredal Stave Church is smaller), is also located at Grip. It is also where Grip Lighthouse is located.

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