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 The Whale Route

Hamn is an old trading place and a popular tourist destination on the island of Senja in Troms. The location, located in the municipality of Berg, has a characteristic location facing the sea gorge and within the Bergsfjord archipelago. Fylkesvei 86 passes Hamn. Just west of the site lies Senjens Nickelworks and a few kilometers east, on Finnsæter, lies Senjatrollet and Finnsæter Chapel.

Hamn´s main building, as well as several of the old cabins, was completely damaged by fire in September 2005. Not long after, the restoration work began, and a major effort was initiated to restore the spot.

The administrative centre of the Berg municipality is the village of Skaland. Other villages include Finnsæter, Mefjordvær, and Senjahopen. The municipality was the first place in the world to utilize a hydroelectrical power station in the mining community of Hamn. When the mining industry ceased, the "electrical adventure" did as well. The buildings are still located at Hamn, now functioning as a special hotel / lodge.

The municipality faces the Atlantic Ocean on the west side of the large island of Senja. The largest urban area in Berg is the village of Senjahopen. The highest point on the island, the mountain Breidtinden, is located in the northeastern part of Berg. There are three large fjords that cut into the municipality: Bergsfjorden, Ersfjorden, and Mefjorden.

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