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The Moskstraumen or Moskenstraumen is a system of tidal eddies and whirlpools, one of the strongest in the world, that forms at the Lofoten in the Norwegian Sea. It is located between the Lofotodden and Værøy , at the small island of Mosken. Moskstraumen is unusual in that it occurs in the open sea whereas most other whirlpools are observed in confined straits or rivers. It originates from a combination of several factors, the dominant being the strong semi-diurnal tides and peculiar shape of the seabed, with a shallow ridge between the Moskenesøya and Værøy islands which amplifies and whirls the tidal currents.

The Moskstraumen is created as a result of a combination of several factors, including tides, strong local winds, position of the Lofoten and the underwater topography; unlike most other major maelstroms, such as Saltstraumen.

The currents are about 8 kilometers wide and suck in various small microorganisms, thereby attracting fish and fishing boats, which could be in danger even in modern times. The flow currents are strongest around July–August. They can be clearly seen from a plane or the nearby Lofotodden Hill (601 m above sea level) on Moskenesøya. There are regular tourist boat trips between Moskenesøya and Værøy.

The fishing village of Å in the immediate vicinity of the fish-rich Maelestream. The video shows this ideal starting point for particularly successful fishing trips for halibut, large cod, coalfish, wolffish .... Watch drillings of thick cod, big coalfish and giant halibut.

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