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Muldalsfossen is a waterfall in Muldalselva near Tafjorden in Norddal. The waterfall starts about 350 meters above the fjord, where the Muldalen hengedalen valley opens onto the mountain side north of the Tafjord´s eastern end. The waterfall thus forms the lower part of the river. The table crosses the bridge over the outskirts down the fjord. It is somewhat unclear exactly how high the waterfall is. The fact that the waterfall goes into a deep gap makes measurement difficult.

Muldalselva has been heavily regulated since 1969 by draining water directly from the river into the tunnel to the Zakarias dam and Tafjord power station 4. The entrance point of the tunnel is approximately 1.7 km upstream of the waterfall, reducing in practice the river´s drainage area by about 51,5 km². In 2013, the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate recommended to introduce a minimum water supply in Muldalselva, in view of the water flow in the Muldalsfossen.

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