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Sandvika also has Scandinavia´s largest super mall, Sandvika Storsenter. Kalvøya island is right outside of Sandvika and is one of the most popular bathing spots in Bærum. The Henie-Onstad Art Center has the largest collection in Norway of international modern art and has magnificent views of the Oslofjord.

 Løkke bridge  
the Henie Onstad Art Centre

Claude Monet visited in early 1895. During his stay he painted several views of the town and the surrounding landscape, with the mountain ridge Kolsås featuring in many of the paintings either in the background or as the primary subject.

Perhaps the most well known of the paintings from this visit is Sandviken Village in the Snow which features the Løkke bridge in Sandvika.

The bridge is especially famous because of Claude Monet´s painting from 1895, which today hangs in the National Gallery.

 Tove Lolland